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Pro to the question "Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?"

“Social media is not always an online distraction or procrastination platform. While some may be addicted to their social media networks, it is one of the best ways to stay informed. Major news outlets, corporations and persons of interest use social media to deliver messages to the masses. With items posting immediately, the public stays informed. Some issues cause controversy, but social media does more good than harm in retrospect…

Although some parents see social media as detrimental to their children, it actually does them some good to have social media accounts. Teens want to be aware and informed just as much as adults. Using social media allows teens to follow organizations and causes that they believe in. It makes them feel like they are a part of something, even when they feel like an outcast in society.

Increased teen awareness is important. Social media is one of the best outlets to reach the minds of young people to make a real difference…

When natural disaster strikes and causes devastating destruction, social media is the ideal vehicle to deliver messages asking for support. Hashtags are created to help Internet users locate related stories and show their support for those affected by the disaster. This helps stories that begin locally to gain national or global attention.”

“It’s Not All Bad: The Social Good of Social Media,” Forbes, Mar. 18, 2016

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