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Ana Homayoun, MA Biography

Founder and CEO of Green Ivy Educational Consulting
Con to the question "Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?"

“Harvard University revealed that it had rescinded admissions offers to at least 10 students who shared offensive images within what they thought was a private Facebook group chat. The students posted memes and images that mocked minority groups, child abuse, sexual assault and the Holocaust, among other things…

Sharing videos, images and memes creates the opportunity for an instantaneous positive feedback loop that can perpetuate poor decision making. In an environment where teens spend around nine hours using some form of online media every day, it doesn’t take long for them to be influenced by an ‘all-about-the-likes’ sense of values that can potentially lead to life-altering decisions…

The combination of social media pressure and an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, the region of the brain that helps us rationalize decisions, control impulsivity and make judgments, can contribute to offensive online posts.”

“The Secret Social Media Lives of Teenagers,”, June 7, 2017

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  • Founder and CEO, Green Ivy Educational Consulting, 2001-present
  • Volunteer, Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, July 2002-present
  • Board of Directors, Duke Alumni Association, May 2013-June 2017
  • Co-Chair, National Board of Directors, Young Alumni Development Council, Duke University, Mar. 2009-June 2016
  • San Francisco Bay Area Leadership Council, Year Up, Sep. 2010-Nov. 2015
  • Chair, San Francisco Regional Advisory Board, The Painted Turtle, Mar. 2008-Mar. 2012
  • MA, Counseling, Pupil Personnel Services Credential, University of San Francisco
  • AB, Program II: Health Policy and Globalization, Duke University, 2001
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