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Joanne Orlando, PhD Biography

Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education at the University of Western Sydney
Pro to the question "Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?"

“Social media is a platform for sharing ideas, information and points of view. This can have important educational value: it extends the information young people can access while also giving them insight into how others think about and use that information…

For those children who feel marginalised in their local community, social media can help them connect with other people who share the same interests or outlook on life.

In some cases, teenagers with critical problems can turn to social networks for fast support and guidance. There are plenty of groups that offer such help online.

Social media is also an important platform for driving social issues, such as racial issues, to greater national and international attention.”

“When It Comes to Kids and Social Media, It’s Not All Bad News,”, July 19, 2017

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  • Collaborator, Apple Inc., 2014-present
  • Freelance Media Analyst and Commentator, 2010-present
  • Senior Lecturer, Early Childhood Education, University of Western Sydney, 2003-present
  • Writer and Education Advisor, ABC TV Play School, 1996-Mar. 2004
  • PhD, University of Technology (Sydney, Australia)
  • MEd, University of Western Sydney
  • BEd, Catholic Teachers College
  • Twitter: @JoanneOrlando
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