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Pro to the question "Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?"

“While the naysayers call it a ‘distraction’, the truth is that social media steps in to save the day on a regular basis…

Chris Strouth… was informed he needed a kidney transplant. During the process of hemodialysis, he tweeted his frustration. A simple tweet that read ‘Sh*t, I need a kidney.’ prompted multiple strangers who followed him on Twitter to go get checked out. One match was found, Scott Pakudaitis. The two had never met in person until the day of the surgery, but Pakudaitis happily donated his kidney to someone who simply asked for it…

In 2012, a Johannesburg, South Africa man was carjacked at gunpoint and locked in the trunk of his car. Because criminals are often stupid, they didn’t realize he still had his phone. He began texting his girlfriend who then tweeted the information about where he was. Through RT’s and replies, Twitter and Facebook users tracked the car for police all the way to Kroonstad. Police monitored Twitter and took help from locals until the car was spotted in Ventersburg, and the police were able to intercept — saving the man’s life…

[A] teenager in Britain sent a Facebook message to his friend in the US. The message had mentioned he was thinking of harming himself. The friend immediately called the police, who then called the British Embassy. Through them, they were able to use the boy’s name to find his address, and notify Oxfordshire police. They showed up in the nick of time, since he’d overdosed… but was conscious. He recovered completely. Facebook now has a feature where friends can report a friend they’re concerned might harm themselves.

Chase Tyree was checking out Reddit, and saw someone who’d posted a photo of his cancerous testicle that’d been removed… [H]e read the rest of the post and saw the symptoms that led up to the surgery. Tyree… realized he was having the same symptoms. He went to the doctor, got looked at, and found out he had testicular cancer as well. After surgery, he made a complete recovery and declared ‘Reddit saved my life!'”

“15 Times Social Media Saved Lives,”, Oct. 25, 2015

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