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Suren Ramasubbu, MBA Biography

President and CEO of Mobicip
Con to the question "Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?"

“Difficulty in self-regulation, lack of awareness of repercussions of privacy compromise and susceptibility to peer pressure are listed as reasons for teenagers’ cavalier attitude towards online risks such as sexting, cyberbullying and exposure to inappropriate content as they navigate the tricky waters of social media…

[T]he risks of Internet and social media to teenagers is just as real as the risks in society. Cyberbullying, in the forms of name-calling and gossiping, spreading rumors, making threats or otherwise sending malicious messages through emails, message boards and social media, has augmented offline bullying and estimates of the incidence of cyber bullying range from 23 to 72% in various studies… Exposure to age-inappropriate content is another serious risk because it causes much damage to an age-group that is already prone to sexual uncertainty and uncommitted and possibly unsafe sexual exploration. Dangerous communities that support self-harm activities, such as anorexia, drug use, and such other disruptive concepts are also serious pitfalls.”

“Teenagers and the Internet,” Huffington Post, Apr. 7, 2015

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • President and CEO, Mobicip, Aug. 2008-present
  • IT Director, Anderson Alumni Network, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), July 2008-June 2009
  • Operating Manager, Agilent Technologies Inc., Oct. 2007-July 2008
  • R&D Engineer – Quality Tech Lead, Agilent Technologies Inc., Dec. 2006-Sep. 2007
  • R&D Engineer, Agilent Technologies Inc., June 2001-Nov. 2006
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Polytechnic Institute / American Electric Power, Sep. 1999-Apr. 2001
  • Software Engineer, Tata Infotech Ltd., June 1998-June 1999
  • MBA, University of California at Los Angeles, 2008
  • MS, Electrical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 2001
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical, and Electronics (Engg), PSG College of Technology (India), 1998
  • Twitter handle: @surenram
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